iOS 5 rumored to sport revamped notification system and widgets

Fri, Jun 3, 2011

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There are a deluge of WWDC rumors flowing in, which is of course nothing we’d ever complain about. One rumor that flew somewhat under the radar last week was a TechCrunch report that iOS 5 will feature a completely revamped notification system along with the addition of widgets.

Now Apple’s notification system works okay as is, but it really pales in comparison to some other notification systems out there such as the one employed by WebOS. Rumors of a new and more intuitive notification system in iOS have been around for some time, but it seems more likely now than ever that we’ll finally see Apple put that Apple sheen on iOS’s notification scheme. Note that in June 2010, Apple rehired Rich Dellinger as a Senior User Interface Designer. Dellinger had previously worked for Apple before briefly working for Palm where he helped design their fairly sleek notification system for WebOS.

As for the widgets rumor, it’s the first we’ve heard about them but it may be a method to provide users with quick access to information without having to launch certain apps, akin to the Dashboard in OS X – which by the way, does anyone use anymore?

An interesting user-generated concept video detailing how widgets might be employed is below.



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