MobileMe effectively dead to make room for iCloud

Mon, Jun 6, 2011


Apple made a smattering of announcements today, one of which was the demise of MobileMe to make room for the successor that is iCloud. As Steve Jobs said today, MobileMe is effectively a dead service.

So what does this mean for current MobileMe subscribers?

Well, Apple will keep the MobileMe accounts of current subscribers intact until June 30, 2012 for no extra charge. Following that, the service will no longer be available and users will be able to migrate all of their account information such as contacts and bookmarks (and keep their .me or .mac email address) by signing up for iCloud.

Not surprisingly, users can no longer create new MobileMe accounts.

And so, it turns out that those rumors of MobileMe becoming a free service were, in fact, accurate.

Long live the cloud.



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  1. Richard Says:

    “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” so it is with Apple.

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