iOS 5’s PC Free feature lets users set up devices sans PC

Tue, Jun 7, 2011


One of yesterday’s touted iOS 5 features was PC Free, which allows users to activate their iOS devices right out of the box and with no computer. This is clearly a smart move for Apple because as Scott Forstall explained yesterday, not everybody interested in an iOS device happens to own a computer. And onceĀ  you’re up and running, new iOS updates will also be available over the air. And to combat huge file sizes, iOS updates will now be available as delta updates, meaning that users will only have to download parts of the iOS that have changed. All in all, Apple is cutting the cord.

Of course, Apple’s PC Free initiative is complemented by its iCloud service. For a truly PC Free experience, Apple had to create a service where users were not forced to go back to a PC if they wanted to sync their photos and music – and that’s exactly what they did.

Below is video footage of what it looks like to fire up an iOS device for the first time and connect with iCloud. So long iTunes!


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