Verizon not part of the iCloud treatment just yet

Wed, Jun 8, 2011


There were so many announcements of note at this year’s WWDC keynote that we’re still digesting some of the minutae and finer points from the multitude of new features and services.

One tidbit of note is that Apple is offering users a sneak peak at iCloud via iTunes 10.3 and iOS 4.3.3. With that tandem, users can download previous iTunes purchases to a new iOS device and try out automatic downloads as well.

Sounds great, if you’re an AT&T subscriber that is.

If you recall, iPhones on Verizon and AT&T are running on separate versions of iOS with the latest iOS variant for Verizon being iOS 4.2.8. We imagine Apple is working hard to get an iCloud compatible version of iOS up and running on Verizon iPhones, but with AT&T holding the bigger installed base of iPhone users in the US, we imagine that this isn’t a top priority for Apple just yet.

Eventually, though, we can only assume that Apple will get iOS release schedules coordinated across both AT&T and Verizon iPhones.


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