Windows XP users won’t be getting the iCloud treatment

Wed, Jun 8, 2011


Lost in the fine print, so to speak, of Apple’s iCloud press release is that Windows users who want to use iCloud must have Windows Vista or Windows 7.

What’s missing, you ask?

Why none other than Windows XP, the world’s most ubiquitious OS.

Michael Rose of TUAW writes:

Considering that Apple’s backwards-compatibility on iTunes 10.3 only goes back four years for its own operating system, it’s kind of surprising that the ten-year-old XP has stayed on the short list for as long as it has. This shift, however, may mean that some PC users will search for alternatives to Apple’s tools for iOS support (assuming that iTunes itself will move up to match the iCloud specification).

Having worked in a fair number of corporate environments, I think most people would be shocked at how many well-to-do corporations still employ PCs running Windows XP and IE 6. Hell, some companies run critical programs that operate exclusively via IE 6.




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