Cupertino enthusiastic about Apple’s proposed new “Spaceship” campus

Fri, Jun 10, 2011


This past Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared before the Cupertino City Counsel and laid out the company’s plans to build a new campus on land it recently acquired from Hewlett Packard. With Apple growing at a tremendous clip, their current real estate position in Cupertino is wholly inadequate and will only get worse going forward.

So Apple’s proposal is to build a complimentary new campus a short distance away that would be capable of housing 12,000 employees. In typical Apple fashion, the proposed building will be environmentally friendly and will sport an architecturally aggressive design in that it’d be a completely circular building constructed out of one giant piece of curved glass.

So how did Jobs’ speech go over with the Cupertino city reps? Resoundingly well, apparently.

In a statement on Apple’s proposed new campus, Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong said that “there is no chance we are saying no” to Apple’s proposal. Of course, Apple will still have to undergo an environmental review but that shouldn’t be much of an obstacle given Apple’s passion for being “green.”

In the video below, Gilbert Wong addresses Apple’s plans for a state of the art new campus.

We are excited to see this project moving forward. Apple has been part of Cupertino since the company’s inception.In fact, Apple has been a member of our local Cupertino Chamber of Commerce for over 33 years. Steve Jobs also knows our area very well. He attended Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School in Cupertino.

The city of Cupertino is already ready for one of the most sophisticated and advanced high-tech campuses ever. Last night’s presentation by Mr. Jobs confirms that, in my mind, one of the city counsel’s most important challenges and acc has been to make sure that companies like Apple can grow and thrive in our community.

The proposed new campus will be up for City approval in the Fall of 2012. If approved, and at this point it looks like a mere formality, Apple can begin submitting building permits and construction can commence. It is anticipated that Apple’s new campus will be completed by 2015.

A PDF of Jobs’ presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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