Apple posts WWDC 2011 session videos on iTunes

Fri, Jun 24, 2011


Apple yesterday posted session videos from WWDC 2011 up on iTunes. The videos are a god-send for developers who were unable to make it to WWDC a few weeks back – and with the event selling out in about 8 hours, that’s a good portion of the Mac/iOS development community. Further, the videos will inevitably be useful for developers who did attend WWDC but were unable to attend as many sessions as they would have liked due to scheduling.

The videos encompass 109 different sessions and includes accompanying slideshows. Like last year, the videos are free to download for registered Apple developers – which may seem like a no-brainer but remember that back in 2009 Apple charged $299 for both the iPhone and Mac session videos with a combo deal available for $499.

As the popularity of the Mac and iOS platform continues to soar to unprecedented heights, the number of developers looking to attend events like WWDC for hands on training continues to multiply. As a result, WWDC this year sold out as if it were a Rock concert and there’s no indication that things will get any better next year – that is, until Apple builds its intriguing new spaceship style new campus by 2015 with auditoriums capable of accommodating a lot more folks than the couple thousand the Moscone Center in San Fransciso currently houses.

Apple this year has broken up this year’s videos into 6 categories: Apple Platforms Kickoff; App Frameworks; Graphics, Media, and Games, Core OS, and Internet and Web. So get on it, folks.



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