Apple issues iOS 5 beta 2 with slightly tweaked notifications, iMessaging, and more iCloud integration

Tue, Jun 28, 2011


Apple this weekend released to developers the second beta of iOS 5 and the update brings with it a few notable, albeit minor, changes. AppleInsider is able to give us the skinny.

First is a slight adjustment to how the lockscreen in iOS 5 displays notifications. First, the font is slightly bigger and the notification is now paired with the icon of the corresponding app. A new notification will first appear on the screen by itself and will subsequently transition into the tiled lockscreen display a few moments later.

Second, AI notes that the virtual keyboard in the iMessage app now “gracefully recedes downwards and out of view when scrolling upwards in a message history.”

Third, you might see something new there in the accounts and settings pane. Yep, that’s iCloud in full effect, complete with its new golden-ratio icon.


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