iPhone 5 set to debut in October – Report

Fri, Jul 1, 2011

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Yes, it’s a lonely Summer with no iPhone. The positive though is that folks can actually go out and enjoy the nice Summer weather instead of standing outside of an Apple retail store for hours on end.

But if you don’t mind waiting in line, fear not. A new iPhone is just around the corner.

DigiTimes is reporting that component manufacturers for both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are already preparing materials ahead of anticipated production. Moreover, these manufacturers anticipate that the iPhone will hit the streets sometime in October, which is a month later than what previous rumors have indicated. And as for a new iPad model this Fall as well? Well, that’s news to us, albeit certainly intriguing.

The sources pointed out that Apple only plans to launch one model of the new iPhone, while iPad 3 has just recently been added to the production schedule with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the volume will start picking up in September and October.

This of course flies in the face of an analyst report from earlier this week which claimed that Apple is planning to release two iPhone models this Fall – a lower end pre-pad iPhone and the rumored iPhone 5.

As for supply volume, DigiTimes relays that third quarter shipments for the iPhone 5 will fall in the 6-7 million range while total iPhone supply will fall in the 24-25 million range.

Regarding the iPad,

Since Apple is also set to start supplying iPad 3 in August, the shipments of iPad series products including iPad 2 are expected to surpass 15 million units, and iPad’s supply volume for 2011 will have a good chance to break 40 million units.

Although most market watchers estimate that Apple’s iPhone supply volume will only reach 20 million units in the third quarter and iPad’s supply volume only at 11-12 million units due to the slower-than-expected progress at Foxconn’s assembly line in Chengdu, China, players within Apple’s upstream supply chain have all recently increased their estimated supply volumes for the second half, indicating that Apple is set to attack with another wave of new devices, before its competitors become strong, the sources noted.

Lastly, the report notes that Apple is thinking about creating an even thinner and lighter tablet device with a resolution of 250dpi which is effectively double the current resolution on the iPad 1 and iPad 2.


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