iOS 5 code contains code that can enable Apple TV support for wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Wed, Jul 13, 2011


Apple’s iOS 5 beta reportedly contains dormant code that if activated would allow the AppleTV to function with a wireless bluetooth keyboard.

9to5Mac reports:

Just like Apple has done in some of its mobile devices (namely early generations of the iPod touch), Apple has included hidden bluetooth support in their second-generation Apple TV. Bluetooth support is not present within the Apple TV operating system (iOS), but Appleā€™s next major operating system, iOS 5, will turn on this bluetooth support. Apple is positioning this bluetooth support mainly for keyboards, but perhaps the bluetooth Apple TV will be able to connect to bluetooth iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

Including keyboard support for the Apple TV would undoubtedly make a number of tasks that much simpler, such as data entry when searching for movie titles, setting up wi-fi networks and entering in system passwords.

Some are also speculating that support for Bluetooth keyboards might also signal Apple’s intent to implement support for other peripherals, namely game controllers which would of course entail iTunes app store support via the Apple TV. Other speculation points to the possible inclusion of a web browser accessible via the AppleTV.



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