iPad 3 parts surface

Thu, Jul 14, 2011


Apple.pro today posted photos of what they claim is the dock connector and ribbon cable for the rumored next-gen iPad.

While these photos should naturally be taken with a grain of salt, Apple.pro generally has a pretty good track record with respect to leaked parts from as of yet unreleased Apple products such as when it posted photos of the redesigned iPod Nano many months back.

In any event, with a number of reports hinting at a new iPad model to be released this Fall, the following photos are particularly intriguing.

AppleInsider writes:

[The author] specifically called out recent rumors that Apple plans to release a new touchscreen tablet this fall that will be a minor update to the iPad 2, dubbed an “iPad 2 Plus.” Those reports suggested the new device would offer some enhancements over the current model, like a higher-resolution screen, and serve to expand the product line rather than replace the iPad 2.

The new component includes an outward-facing plug, which is colored white, leading the author to state that the new model will also be offered in black and white colors, like the iPad 2.

Interestingly, the article relays that Apple is investigating more vigorously the source of hardware leaks, making it difficult for the author’s “deep throat” source to provide him with more information.

Below are the pics in question.


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