Was the iPhone 5 delayed due to overheating issues with the A5?

Thu, Jul 14, 2011

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An unsubstantiated rumor emerged today from Sohu.com, a Chinese website. The report relays that the iPhone 5 was not launched this Summer due to overheating issues emanating from the A5 chip used in the device. Further, the report claims that Apple is still struggling to get a handle on the heating issue which is why the next iPhone release will be the iPhone 4S and not the rumored iPhone 5 which will purportedly sport a completely new redesign.

Due to the emergence of Apple’s current A5 processor overheating problem, so Apple will not soon be launching a new generation of the iPhone 5 smartphones, but Apple will launch this fall is still an iPhone 4, enhanced mobile products or the name iPhone 4S, this iPhone 4S is mainly based on the iPhone 4 on minor upgrades and no significant upgrade.

This report is of course at odds with a plethora of previous reports indicating that the iPhone 5 is on track for release sometime in September, and perhaps as early as mid-August.

The report also relays that for Apple’s upcoming A6 chip, the company has plans to transition from Samsung’s 45-nanometer process to a 28-nanometer process. Notably, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of the proposed transition, especially in light of the ongoing and tense litigation between Apple and Samsung over alleged patent infringement issues. Remember that Apple is a huge Samsung customer and contributes over $6 billion a year to Samsung’s bottom line. Seeing as how Samsung is responsible for Apple’s A4 and A5 chip production, it does make sense that Apple would want to shift its upcoming A6 production to another company. Rumor has it Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has been pegged to step in for Samsung.

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