Why Apple is abandoning the iPhone 4 form factor – Report

Thu, Jul 14, 2011

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iPhone 5 rumors are picking up steam, and once again we’re hearing reports of a completely revamped iPhone design with an edge to edge screen.

Interestingly, This Is My Next relayed a few days ago why Apple was so keen on changing the iPhone 4 form factor so quickly.

Why abandon the iPhone 4 design so quickly though? We’ve heard that the device is out of favor at the highest levels of the company, and folks are ready to move on to an entirely new product.

Remember that a number of reports over the past few months have pointed to an iPhone with a larger edge to edge screen and a new hardware design – namely a curved glass display similar to the one currently used on Google’s Nexus S.

Rumor has it that even went so far as to purchase up to 300 glass cutting machines to help manufacturers who have been reluctant to purchase such expensive equipment.

But what about the deluge of previous rumors pointing to an iPhone 5 with the exact same form factor as the iPhone 4?

Addressing that issue, TIMN writes that because Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be thinner than the current model, it’s component parts on the whole are smaller and can easily fit within the casing of the current iPhone 4. In other words, Apple can currently test its next-gen iPhone within the safe confines of the iPhone 4 and save the new hardware design for a big reveal sometime this Summer. That’s assuming, of course, that no Apple employee just happens to leave it lying around.



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