Apple Board looking at CEO successors? Steve Jobs ain’t buying it

Wed, Jul 20, 2011


Network World reports on a oddly timed article from the WSJ stating that Apple board members are supposedly exploring CEO succession plans for Steve Jobs, sometimes without knowledge of the entire board.

While the WSJ typically is on the ball with respect to Apple rumors, this seems a bit strange. Apple’s board was handpicked by Jobs himself, and it seems unusual that some rogue members, so to speak, would start exploring succession options outside the typical corporate framework.

Besides, in the wake of Jobs previously taking a leave of absence from Apple, it was reported that Apple’s board of directors do, in fact, already have a succession plan (or at least the framework for one) in place. In other words, what would prompt the board to suddenly start contemplating succession plans when Jobs’ medical condition isn’t really something new.

Also, the report relays the curious timing of the article considering that it appeared hours before Apple delivered its Q3 2011 earnings report. Well, if Jim Cramer has taught us anything, it’s that Wall St. and otherwise financial bigwigs have no qualms about manipulating a company’s stock price.

Lastly, Steve Jobs was asked to comment on the WSJ report, to which he stated that he thought it was “hogwash.”

And so do we.


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  1. Ani C. Says:

    It’s a News Corp publication, what did you expect?

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