OS X Lion disables hardware acceleration for Adobe Flash Player – Report

Thu, Jul 21, 2011


TUAW reports that Adobe has posted a knowledge base article detailing a number of bugs and issues found in a slew of Adobe products running on OS X Lion. The list is quite long and seemingly affects Adobe’s entire product line, but one issue worth noting in particular is Adobe’s admission that their Flash Player in Lion results in higher CPU activity when playing YouTube videos – something Adobe concedes may be the result of disabled hardware acceleration.

Other issues:

– The Flash Player settings dialog does not respond to mouse clicks.   If you find yourself in this state, you can use the “tab” key to change the focus to the “Close” button and use the spacebar to close the dialog.  While not all settings are available, you can also use the Flash Player native control panel located in System Preferences.

– Custom native mouse cursors are not animating properly on Mac 10.7.

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  1. Marco Says:

    Until Adobe update their flash player for Lion OS, this process has to be done manually by right clicking the video you want to watch. “Note(At the moment, this has to be done for every website you browse that includes flash)

    This is how I went about it:
    Once you are on the website
    right click on the video you want to watch
    go to Global Settings…
    then click on the Storage tab
    go into Local Storage Settings by site…
    and then choose one of the following “Block/Ask me/Allow”
    Choose “Allow”.
    Your browser will store your settings for next time you come to that site.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Ani C Says:

    The question is, will Flash videos still crash my computer… EVERY SINGLE TIME!

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