OS X Lion to be available via USB thumbdrive this August for $69

Thu, Jul 21, 2011


OS X Lion not only marks a new beginning for Apple software wise, but distribution wise as well. Whereas all other iterations of OS X were available exclusively via tried and true boxed software, OS X Lion will primarily be available via the Mac App Store.

This departure led many to wonder how users with no Internet connection (i.e secure Government computers) or perhaps low speed Internet connections would access Lion. Coming in as a 3GB+ download, Lion is certainly not meant for those with subpar bandwidth connections. Further, what about users who want or need to do a complete restore of their OS and own a computer that came pre-loaded with Lion?

Well never fear, gentle readers.

Similar to what Apple does with the MacBook Air, Apple said that starting in August it will make OS X Lion available via a USB thumb drive that users can purchase on Apple’s online store. Note that while the downloadable version of Lion costs a reasonable $29, the USB thumb drive version will set you back $69. Still a reasonable price if you remember the days when OS X upgrades could cost as much as $129.

Also helpful is that Apple will reportedly allow users with slow Internet connections to download the OS X Lion installer from the fast wi-fi networks at Apple retail stores.


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