Sketchy Rumor – Apple interested in 55′ OLED HDTV from LG

Mon, Jul 25, 2011

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A number of analysts over the past few years have written that Apple is working on an HDTV that might include Apple TV, iTunes, and DVR integration. Some other features analysts have tossed around include support for the iTunes App store and other utilities such as FaceTime.

Now entering the HDTV market poses a lot more problems and hurdles for Apple than it faced upon entering the smartphone market. But still, many analysts believe such a product from Apple is inevitable with analyst Gene Munster, for example, believing that an Apple branded HDTV will hit stores sometime before 2014.

So that said, Smarthouse relayed this past weekend that Apple has engaged in discussions with LG to possibly use its 55′ OLED panels in this mythical HDTV of theirs. As for these 55-inch OLEDs, LG plans to launch them in limited supply by late 2012 and will showcase them at next year’s CES show in January ’12.

Now Smarthouse tends to have a lot of information purporting to be from LG insiders, but it’s not uncommon for them to get Apple related rumors completely wrong. Still, Apple pegging LG to supply displays for an HDTV makes a lot of sense (assuming, of course, Apple really has such a product in its pipeline).

LG currently has a nice working relationship with Apple and helps supply the displays for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. We’re personally big Samsung HDTV fans here, but given Apple’s apparent interest in having as little to do with Samsung as possible given their ongoing legal dispute, it’s a safe bet that any upcoming HDTV from Apple won’t be Samsung based (lest any changes in Samsung’s policy of copying the look and feel of Apple’s iOS products).



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