Mac propaganda at McDonalds [Photo]

Tue, Jul 26, 2011

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Yes folks, Macs just work – and this free wi-fi setup guide from an Australian McDonalds really drives the point home.

It really can’t get any simpler than this:

Step 1. Click On Airport icon.

Step 2. Select “McDonalds FREE Wi-Fi” from the list of available networks.

Step 3. Open your browser.

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  1. how misleading Says:

    windows only looks complicated because they’re trying to show how to enable wifi on different OS’s.
    Only OS X works here….

  2. John Says:

    @how_misleading well everyone who has a mac has OSX. Even if they dumbed it down, mac would still have the shorter step-to guide. macs just work

  3. Dylan Says:

    It’s actually just as simple in Windows. At least in Windows 7, which isn’t one of the operating systems on this pamphlet. I’m guessing it’s old, or something. But in windows 7 you click on the network/internet icon in the minibar and select the network you want.

  4. Michael Says:

    1)Open laptop
    2)Wireless signal automatically detected

  5. BabyHipster Says:

    Well at least I’ll be playing Battlefield 3 on MY computer this November.

  6. steve Says:

    To connect to a wireless network in Windows Vista, follow these steps:
    1.Click Start, and then click Connect to.
    2.Click the wireless network to which you want to connect, and then click Connect.

  7. CaesarInvictus Says:

    notice how 7 is not included? It takes two button clicks, one onto the tray with “Network”, then “Connect to Network”.

  8. Jim Says:

    Never had a windows machine take more than 3 steps either to be honest – they’ve purposefully made it as in-depth as possible for windows but they most likely didn’t know how to set up the DHCP options on a Mac

  9. Jim H Says:

    Everybody who has Windows has Windows, whether it’s XP or Vista or 7.

    Since Apple has had wi-fi since 1998-9, and they use open source unix for the network stuff, and they use what they call “Bonjour” and I forget what it was in open source — the point is, there are lots of ways you can make hooking up with a network complicated, sometimes you just want to hook up to the network.

    If McDonald’s allows https or vnc, and they put the “password of the day” on a chalkboard, you’d be secure there, too.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    windows ftw always.

  11. Sumato Says:

    But my PC just has the availible network pop up, then i click connect then voila. PCs work too

  12. John C Says:

    The Windows side is more of a troubleshooting guide rather than a connection guide. If you’re just connecting, Windows essentially has the same 3 steps as OS X.

  13. converted mac user Says:

    the best design solutions requires the LEAST explanation… it’s clear which OS is more efficient.

  14. convertered_mac_user Says:

    the best design solutions requires the LEAST explanation… it’s clear which OS is more efficient.

  15. Serious Says:

    @John Faggot.

  16. Dear John Says:

    John, although the macs are very easy to get online so are windows based systems especially windows 7. To make a flippant remark like “macs just work” is ridiculous, can you tell me why i have had to return my mac twice inside a year? or why my wifi on my mac suddenly stops working?

  17. Talus Says:

    @john So true! on both counts, Mac win.

  18. Nick Says:

    This is SOOOOO stupid. The instructions for the XP/Vista/7 versions of Windows are telling you to “go into wireless networks and set McDonalds Free WIFI to the top of the list” which is COMPLETELY unnecessary. Same goes for making sure that “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server automatically” are checked. Those are the DEFAULT SETTINGS THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS GET! You want steps on how to connect to McD’s wireless in Win7?

    1: Click on the wireless icon in your system tray
    2: Select “McDonalds Open Wireless” and click “Connect”
    3: Open your browser

    Whoever wrote this pamphlet is functionally retarded.

  19. Jim Says:

    Wooow, so many butthurt windows users here. Windows = fail, mac = win.

  20. Patrick Says:

    Ubuntu Linux:
    Click the… no wait… yeah, it got it. You can open the browser now.

  21. Chris Says:

    @Jim : So many pointlessly arrogant Apple Fanbois here. It’s a goddamn computer – not a religion.

    Sent from my MacBookPro

  22. max Says:

    what a pointless story. As others said – it’s exactly as easy to connect to wifi on xp, vista or win7 as macos.

    it really is annoying that mindless bashing of windows and microsoft by people who have absolutely no clue about what they are talking about, and seem only to be really overly proud to be part of the apple “team”.

    Statements you’re repeating after others were circulating around about 10-15 years ago, and they, sort of, had some reflection in reality… but no more. if you want to use apple products – that’s your free will but don’t make fools of yourselves by repeating the same idiocies again and again.

    says mac, win and android user.

  23. Kate Says:

    Not sure why you call this “propaganda”. It’s not. It’s just the way you do it on a Mac.

  24. Ani C. Says:

    It’s amazing how many PeeCees read a Mac fan blog. Jealous?

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