Alleged iPhone 5 designs from Chinese accessory makers surface

Mon, Aug 1, 2011

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With iPhone 5 rumors coming in fast and furious, coupled with believable case moldings starting to appear on the web as well, it’s no surprise that some Chinese accessory manufacturers are putting up images purporting to be of Apple’s next-gen iPhone. While it’s completely possible that these photos are mockups based on nothing more than speculation, accessory manufacturers are known to spend big bucks for iPhone blueprints and dimensions in order to get a leg up on the competition.

In the photo below from Hui Tong, we see an iPhone that appears to be sporting a larger screen along with volume buttons that are more akin to the iPhone 3GS than the iPhone 4.

Indeed, this seems to align somewhat well with the recent photos obtained by 9to5Mac (seen above) which purport to show an iPhone 5 case. Interestingly, the home button appears to be flush with the device, which reminds us of an iPhone rumor from months back indicating that the home button would be a capacitive touch button. We, however, think it’s entirely unlikely for Apple to go that route.

Below is another image of a supposed iPhone 5. This model clearly has an edge to edge screen with a display that’s markedly larger than the iPhone 4’s. Further, the camera and flash component on the back of the device are at opposite ends of the phone, something which was alluded to via leaked camera parts for the iPhone 5. Lastly, you’ll note that the photo below gets thinner towards the bottom – which is noteworthy given recent rumors that the next-gen iPhone will sport a completely new design with a teardrop form form factor.

On the flip side, the back of this alleged iPhone case is flat-out ugly, not to mention the odd port located on the lower half of the phone.

And yet another alleged iPhone design from alibaba. This one, though, clearly looks like a poor mockup.



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