Apple gets creative with iCloud error messages [Photos]

Tue, Aug 2, 2011


By Josh Rosenthall:

Apple’s iCloud beta website is now live and, for the time being, only available to users with Apple developer accounts. In the meantime, some of the error iCloud messages have a little bit of spunk to em’ and are worth sharing.

First up, iCloud goes nerdy and picks up a mug of coffee to let us know JavaScript is required. Thanks for the heads up nerd!

And here we have a frowny iCloud informing us that our browser is not supported. It turns out that to use iCloud, Apple recommends using Safari, Firefox, or (gasp!) Internet Explorer. Hey, what about Google Chrome?! Surely an innocent oversight on Apple’s part.

What can we say, this one’s just cute.

iCloud goes Sherlock in this error message for a missing page.

via MacRumors


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