Pricing structure for additional iCloud storage is competitive

Tue, Aug 2, 2011


Users signing up for Apple’s upcoming iCloud service will be able to take advantage of up to 5GB worth of free storage. From music and documents to photos and movies, iCloud aims to be a user’s digital locker in the sky.

Yesterday, and in conjunction with the launch of for developers, Apple issued its pricing structure for data should users want or need more than the free 5GB is giving them.

For an extra 10GB (in addition to the existing 5GB), Apple will charge users $20/yr.

For an extra 20GB (again, on top of the existing 5GB), Apple will charge users $40/yr.

And finally, if users want 50 extra gigs – for a grand total of 55GB – Apple is charging $100/yr.

Comparing Apple’s pricing scheme against similar cloud services from Dropbox and SugarSync, MacStories released this handy price comparison chart.

Clearly, Apple’s offering is very competitive price wise, and even more so when you factor in that iCloud also has a snazzy interface, supports syncing of contacts, appointments, email, documents and other data across a slew of devices.

Last week, word surfaced that Apple plans to release a major iTunes update (iTunes 11) in September that will feature heavy iCloud integration.


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