Apple already has deals in place with TV networks and Movie studios to stream content – Report

Wed, Aug 3, 2011

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Apple’s long rumored HDTV has been described as something that will blow Netflix and other video competitors out of the water. But before Apple launches such a product, if it ever does, it would have to shore up its media offerings by implementing a streaming video service a’la Netflix or Hulu. To that end, Piper Jeffries analyst Peter Misek issued a research note today claiming that the necessary licensing deals to launch that type of service have already been secured by Apple.

“As part of Apple’s roll-out of cloud video services (and eventually an iTV),” Misek writes, “we believe Apple has unannounced deals with all/most of the studios/TV networks that are similar to the subscription streaming deal between Amazon and CBS.”

Earlier this week, Apple issued Apple TV and iCloud updates that now gives users the ability to re-download already purchased content and to stream said content from the cloud. In typical fashion, it seems that Apple is taking measured steps to slowly roll out new features and services that may, in fact, culminate with an HDTV equipped with out of the box video streaming functionality.

via Business Insider


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