Facebook acquires Push Pop Press, shores up impressive design talent

Wed, Aug 3, 2011


Facebook yesterday announced that it had acquired Push Pop Press, the innovative company staffed by former Apple employees Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris. Push Pop Press, in case you’re unfamiliar, was the company behind the innovative and interactive iPad app “Our Choice” which is based on a book by former Vice President Al Gore.

“Our Choice” was so much more than your typical e-book and it’s not at all surprising that it won an Apple Design Award in 2011. In describing the app, Matas explained that Push Pop Press’ offering is “the richest form of storytelling” and after taking a look at what they’ve been able to do, it’s hard to disagree.

Matas, of course, is renowned as a design prodigy who formerly worked at Apple for 4 years where he played an integral role in the design of a number of key native Mac, iPhone and iPad apps such as Photos.

So what exactly is Facebook planning to do with the acquisition?

Well, it appears that this is a technology and talent grab as the social media giant has no plans to get into the digital e-book publishing game but rather hopes to integrate “some of the ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press.”

In a press release on the acquisition, Facebook writes:

We’re thrilled to confirm that we’ve acquired Push Pop Press, a startup whose groundbreaking software changes the way people publish and consume digital content. We can’t wait for co-founders Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris to get started, and for some of the technology, ideas and inspiration behind Push Pop Press to become part of how millions of people connect and share with each other on Facebook.

Below, Al Gore takes us on a guided tour of the app.

And here is Matas demoing the app at the TED conference.

Facebook is clearly assembling a nice deep bench of design talent. Earlier this June, they acquired the design company Sofa which has produced stunning work for Mozilla, TomTom, and Nike.



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