Apple expands 90-second song previews on iTunes

Thu, Aug 4, 2011


8 months ago, Apple increased the length of song previews on iTunes from an arguably misleading 30-seconds to a satisfactory 90 seconds. While music previews are great, a 30-second clip isn’t always an adequate representation of a song. I myself have been cajoled, in a sense, into buying songs on iTunes that weren’t nearly as good as the 30 second song preview seemed to indicate.

Well no mas!

Apple’s 90-second previews are a godsend and while they were initially only available to iTunes users in the US, that feature has now been rolled out internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Mexico, and certain parts of Europe.

Note, though, that the elongated audio previews only apply to songs that are at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length.



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