HP TouchPad can’t compete with the iPad, knocks $100 off purchase price Aug. 5-7

Fri, Aug 5, 2011


Out for just about a month, it seems that the HP TouchPad isn’t quite the iPad killer that some folks at HP thought it’d be. Remember that back in May, HP’s Matt Cador anticipated that the TouchPad would become the top selling tablet. Umm yeah, good luck with that.

Despite the benefits of the WebOS HP acquired from Palm, it takes a whole lot more than an OS to compete in today’s tablet market. To that end, we can only assume that TouchPad sales are about as high as those of other iPad competitors – that is to say, not high at all.

So, it’s really not that surprising that HP is cutting the price of its TouchPad tablet lineup this weekend by $100. The 16GB model will temporarily be available for $399.99 while the 32GB model will go for $499.

Again, when the TouchPad first debuted, some forgot about the whole Palm Pre failure and once again assumed Apple would have a new competitor on the scene. But mediocre reviews of HP’s tablet quickly put those predictions to rest.

More recently, HP CEO Leo Apotheker even said that he’d be open to licensing WebOS to third party manufacturers while Jon Rubinstein tried to salvage poor TouchPad reviews by comparing it to the early days of OS X.


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