“Record” user in OS X Lion has a nifty little easter egg

Fri, Aug 5, 2011


As OS X matured over the past few years, Apple seemed to do away with Easter Eggs – you know, those fun little surprises Apple developers would leave around the OS, much to the delight of the nerdy among us.

Well, with OS X Lion, we seem to be seeing a few more of these surprises than we’re used to. When you zoom in on the “All My Files” icon, for example, you see a number of Jobsian quotes that pay homage to the Apple CEO.

Another easter egg, noticeable when when viewing the “record” user in Lion, is that the record has the following on the label.

1. Magic

2. Revolution

3. Boom!

4. Unbelievable

A tribute to some of Steve Jobs’ favorite phrases when unveiling a new product? Darn well looks like it. Now if only there was a fifth entry – maybe it’d say “One more thing” or better yet, “One more song.”



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