Android and iOS usage broken down by state

Sat, Aug 6, 2011


Mobile ad network Jumptap just released data relaying smartphone preferences measured across the entire contiguous United States.

According to Jumptap’s data, Google’s Android OS appears to be dominant across western United States with commanding shares in states such as California, Washington, Texas and Florida.

iOS, meanwhile, appears to have the market cornered in much of the midwest and North Eastern United States with strong showings in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

Surprisingly, Blackberry makes a strong showing in a random smattering of states, including Oregon, the Dakotas, and New York.

Now this chart clearly raises a lot more questions than it answers and it’s hard to gauge its accuracy without knowing a heck of a lot more about Jumptap’s network as a whole. I mean, is New York really a hotbed of Blackberry users. I suppose it’s possible given the ubiquity of big business there, but the iPhone, and even Android, has made significant inroads that it’s hard to imagine Blackberrys comprising the majority of smartphone usage there.

Overall, Jumptap notes that Android leads mobile OS usage across its network with 38% with iOS trailing slightly behind with 33% and Blackberry coming in third with 22%.

Somewhat interestingly, Jumptap’s data indicates the mobile OS click-through rates for ads is a lot higher on Apple’s iOS platform than on Androids.

via TechCrunch


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