Apple carriers reportedly testing iPhone with LTE capabilities

Mon, Aug 15, 2011


Okay, time to take a break from the Google/Motorola drama and get back to Apple. Boy Genius Report is reporting that Apple partners are currently testing iPhone models with LTEC functionality.

“BGR has obtained evidence of an internal iOS test build from one of Apple’s major carrier partners,” Jonathan Geller writes, “and buried in the firmware is a property list (.plist file) for LTE. This doesn’t necessarily mean every Apple device that’s about to be released will feature an embedded 4G LTE modem, but it certainly means Apple isn’t sitting on the sidelines as 4G LTE networks continue to roll out around the world.”

So will Apple surprise people and release an LTE capable iPhone 5 this Fall?

Doubtful, especially in light of comments from Apple’s higher brass. Not too long ago, Apple COO Tim Cook said that current LTE chipsets weren’t ideal (i.e bulky and power hungry) because they would force Apple to make unacceptable design compromises. Indeed, it’s been previously reported that an LTE-based iPhone won’t see the light of day until 2012. And while pressure from Android might cause Apple to pull the trigger faster than it would ordinarily, it’s not as if Apple is a stranger to sitting on sidelines for a product cycle (i.e going from Edge to 3G) and joining the party a few hours later.


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