Dell axes the Streak 5 tablet/smartphone

Tue, Aug 16, 2011


When the iPod reigned supreme and MP3 players were decidedly relevant, iPod killers would come and go with laughable consistency. These days, the smartphone and tablet market are ware most of the heated tech battles are taking place and though Android has done well with smartphones, the first iPad related casualty for an Android-based tablet has transpired.

Dell last week discontinued its Streak 5 tablet/smartphone device opting to focus on larger form factors to better take on Apple’s iPad. The Streak 5, originally launched in August 2010, came with a 5-inch screen and an out of date version of Android (version 1.6) as opposed to the then current 2.2. Well, what else can you expect with a device that can’t run the latest OS that competing products are running such as Android Honeycomb 3.0.

Also plaguing the Streak 5 was it’s outrageous pricetag of $300 with a two year AT&T contract. And let’s face it, was the Streak 5 a tablet or a smartphone? Who’s to say, and it was essentially stuck out in no man’s land with antiquated software and a high pricepoint that did little to spur consumer interest.

And reviewers were less than kind as well.

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher said the Streak 5’s optimal use was as something to eat in light of the fact that holding it was akin to “holding a waffle” to one’s head.

Meanwhile, Dell’s Streak 7 remains alive for now.

And oh yes, you know the one guy who loved the Dell Streak 5? Why Rob Enderle of course!

Indeed, our favorite nutjob Enderle boldly proclaimed the Streak 5 to be better than both an iPad and an iPhone.

And in a somewhat related note, check out this piece detailing a little tweet war between Glenn Fleishmann and Rob Enderle where the former takes Enderle to task for being less than forthright about his conflicts of interest.


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