When people are a little bit too mad at OS X Lion [Video]

Tue, Aug 16, 2011


Here’s an entertaining, albeit pointless, video for you guys. YouTube user AlexKrasny did a video review of OS X Lion and let’s just say he’s less than impressed. But what makes this video so ridiculous is that this guy gets inexplicably mad and frustrated at every new change in OS X. Indeed, he thinks OS X Lion sucks big time and is the worst user interface Apple has ever done.

Can’t say we agree, though we share some of his frustrations with some of OS X Lion’s new tweaks – invisible scrollbars for instance.

In any event, here’s Krasny on Apple’s new reversed scrolling followed by the video which is worth watching if you find people getting disproportionately mad amusing.

Now you scroll up to actually scroll down.. imagine how you used to scroll on your mouse. What is this, a f’n flight simulator? Why would I want that inverted. Like 5 mins ago i was scrolling normally and now its inverted. I guess its because they want to make it more like a phone.. but I’m not on a f’n phone, I’m on a mouse with a f’n wheel.



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