Demon Cam = Best iPhone app ad ever [Video]

Thu, Aug 18, 2011


Last week, Video Copilot released Demon Cam, an intriguing new app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that lets users record video of themselves and then, thanks to some special effects tomfoolery, morph their appearance into someone resembling a demon. The app promises Hollywood style results in just 10-15 seconds and touts real HD video processing. There are 7 demon characters to choose from, all with spooky names like Gizzard, Lurker, Molten, and Falkon.

Now we haven’t given Demon Cam a test drive, but you can check it out on iTunes for $1.99 over here. What we were impressed with, however, was the detailed ad for Demon Cam that closely resembles a Hollywood movie. First rate production values and a concocted plot work well to create an intriguing narrative behind the app.


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