HP TouchPad skyrockets to the top of Amazon bestseller list; Is the iPad in trouble?!

Mon, Aug 22, 2011


Man, HP sure made a boneheaded move when they decided to axe the HP TouchPad at the height of its popularity. I mean, why would a company discontinue a wildly popular and successful tablet when it’s not only outselling the iPad 2, but is also the most popular electronic device across all categories?

Clearly, Apple’s iPad dominance was hanging in the balance until HP inexplicably let them off the hook.

Of course we’re kidding as HP TouchPad sales were relatively non-existent until the company decided to kill the device altogether. Following that, retailers this weekend were selling their remaining HP TouchPad inventory at firesale prices. Some lucky folks were even able to snag some models for only $99. For a device that debuted at $499, that’s quite a markdown.

Consequently, the HP TouchPad has catapulted to the top of the Amazon bestseller list and is a top selling product in the entire electronics category. Somewhat comically, you’ll note that the 16GB and 32GB models have been in the top 100 list for just 1 and 2 days respectively.

And just looking at the top selling tablets, HP TouchPad devices comprise the top 4 slots. I guess everyone can be King for a day.



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