Stream Red Hot Chili Pepper’s upcoming album “I’m With You” for free on iTunes

Tue, Aug 23, 2011


If you check out iTunes today, you’ll be able to stream the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ upcoming album for free. Their latest album, titled I’m With You, is the bands first new record since they released Stadium Arcadium in 2006 and marks the longest gap between records in the band’s history.

I’m With You will go on sale on August 30th and if you like what you hear via streaming, you can put your pre-order in already. As pointed out by MacRumors, this appears to be the first time a band’s album has been available for streaming and it’s likely that “RHCP’s record label (Warner Brothers) is paying a hefty price to Apple for this promotion and its prominent placement on the iTunes Store front page.”

As for the album itself, one notable omission will be the guitar stylings of guitar prodigy John Frusciante who left the band in 2009. In his stead will be guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Notably, the album is being produced by Rick Rubin.

You can check out the album’s first single The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie below. It’s a good tune, though we can’t lie – it almost sounds like a mashup of some of the band’s earlier songs.

And here’s some vintage/classic/epic/poignant RHCP footage of current frontman Anthony Kiedes and former guitarist John Frusciante performing an incredible acoustic version of Under The Bridge.



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