Did Samsung make last-minute design changes to the Galaxy S II to make it look less like the iPhone?

Wed, Aug 24, 2011


With Samsung being put through the ringer in Europe regarding Apple’s claims of patent infringement, it appears that Samsung has modified the design of its upcoming Galaxy S II to look less like the iPhone and more like other Android devices.

As you can tell from the promotional shot below, the Samsung Galaxy S II has abandoned its iPhone-esque oval shaped home button and replaced it with a series of four buttons often seen on other Android handsets.

Also of note is that the following promotional video touting the impending arrival of the Galaxy S II to the United States consistently shows a device with one button up until the very end where there’s a still-shot of a modified Galaxy S II. This strongly suggests that Samsung made the design change very recently and it stands to reason that it was done as a direct result of Apple’s patent attacks against Samsung both in the US and abroad.

And for comparison purposes, an older shot of the Galaxy S II

via Electronista


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