T-Mobile will launch the iPhone 5 this October alongside Spring, AT&T and Verizon

Wed, Aug 24, 2011

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Following yesterday’s reports that the iPhone 5 was coming to Sprint, a new report claims that T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone treatment as well this Fall. This of course shouldn’t be all that surprising in light of spy shots that emerged this past April depicting an iPhone running in test-mode on T-Mobile’s 3G network.

MacTrast writes that one of their T-Mobile contacts briefed on the matter relays that the iPhone 5 will be available on T-Mobile this October.

The informant, who requested to remain anonymous, went on to claim that the iPhone 5 would also operate at 3G speeds on T-Mobile US network. Current unlocked iPhone 4 units can only operate at at 2G “edge” speeds on T-Mobile’s network, and lack certain network-dependent features, such as Visual Voicemail.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile claimed that it had over 1 million unlocked iPhones running on its network. On EDGE no less. Now that’s some iPhone dedication right there. Though any AT&T users struggling to pick up a 3G signal might not consider that a feat worth admiring.

With the iPhone 5 launch steadily approaching, Apple now appears to have deals in place with the nation’s four largest carriers. And with Android continuing to make major strides in terms of market share, it’s more important now than ever that Apple get its smartphone onto as many carriers as possible.



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