Apple employees react to Jobs’ resignation on Twitter

Thu, Aug 25, 2011


The Daily Beast has compiled a list of tweets from Apple employees following the resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple’s CEO.

Chris Espinosa was Apple’s 8th employee and he just so happened to see Jobs himself on the day his resignation became public.

His triad of tweets read:

Was walking out of IL1 from a meeting, saw Security stopping traffic outside loading dock. For some reason I stopped and turned to watch.

A silver Lexus hybrid SUV pulled out and I knew who would be in the passenger seat.

On May 31, 1985 I walked by Steve and his team sitting under the tree outside Bandley 3. Today I saw him leave Apple again.

Vicki Murley, a Safari Technologies Evangelist tweeted, ” Thanks for everything, Steve.

Mike Lee, a senior engineer at Apple wrote, “I knew this day would come. I didn’t expect to cry.”

Lee also has an in-depth post describing his one-sided relationship with Jobs:

I never talked to Steve at Apple. Not once. I would talk about Steve. I was appalled at how little people at Apple knew about him for all the time they spent worrying about what he was thinking. “He’s not an unknowable entity,” I would say, exasperated. “There are books you can read about him.”

After my shift at the sausage factory, I would go home to continue coding in my Silicon Valley garage, get ferociously stoned, and email Steve.

I emailed Steve for the last time before leaving Apple and Silicon Valley behind to ask a question: when I was a kid and I thought of the future, it wasn’t as good as my life is now, so what am I meant to think of now when I think of the future?

Like the other late night missives, Steve never responded, which made me realize the answer was obvious: the future is ours to invent.

Thanks, Steve.

Robert Marini, a software engineer at Apple tweeted, “I… yeah.”

Jack Behrens, an applications frameworks evangelist tweeted, “So much still to come. So much inspiration.”

Jordan Breening, a binary compatibility engineer at Apple posted a series of tweets:

Best of luck to Steve Jobs in his new roles and with his health. It was great being here for any length of time while he was CEO

I really, really wish I had a few thousand spare dollars to invest in Apple in the next few weeks.

About to leave the bar finally, felt like having a good cry earlier.

Robert Padbury, an Apple designer tweeted:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in square holes. The ones who see things differently.

Apple engineer Danny Patterson wrote,

Thanks to Steve for making a company willing to hire a software engineer straight out of music school. What other company would do that?

Notably, Steve Jobs has said a few times previously that the best coders he’s ever met are all talented musicians.

Apple engineering manager for retail engineering David Denboer tweeted, “Boom :-(”

Michael Jurewitz, who works in Cupertino on Mac and iOS Application Frameworks, Developer Tools and as a Performance Evangelist tweeted:

Such a mix of emotions. Above all, I’m thankful.

And so the Tim Cook era begins.


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