Steve Jobs worked a full day at Apple before resigning

Thu, Aug 25, 2011


It’s nice to see the outpouring of Steve Jobs stories and anecdotes following his resignation as Apple CEO, but based on some of the narratives we’ve been seeing in the blogosphere, you would have thought that Steve Jobs died yesterday and not just resigned.

Thankfully, Jobs, though not handling CEO duties, will remain intimately involved with Apple’s product strategy and will remain active at Apple, albeit in his new role as Chairman of the Board.

Somewhat tellingly, Jobs on the day of his resignation worked a full day at Apple, at 1 Infinite Loop.

Bloomberg reports:

On the day of the announcement, a person close to Jobs who was not authorized to speak about his health said the outgoing CEO was in Apple’s Cupertino office for the entire workday and attended a regularly scheduled board meeting.

This person described Jobs’s condition as weak but added that his resignation was not indicative of a sudden downturn and that Jobs, while housebound in recent weeks, was up and about. Jobs gathered his senior executive team in an emotional meeting after the news broke. He also made clear he plans to be an active chairman, according to another source familiar with the transition.

While there’s no way to no for sure, it’s plausible that Jobs’ resignation wasn’t a reflection of a worsening medical condition, but rather an acceptance of the fact that his health wasn’t ever going to improve to the point where he felt comfortable taking back the reigns at Apple.

Reports that Jobs will continue to play an active and important role at Apple as an “active chairman” should be reassuring to both Apple investors, fans, and users.


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