Upcoming Steve Jobs biography to include details of Jobs’ resignation

Thu, Aug 25, 2011


Steve Jobs, Apple icon and visionary, resigned yesterday as Apple CEO after returning the company he co-founded to prominence after Apple acquired NeXT in 1996. Apple’s new CEO will be former COO Tim Cook who over the past few months has already been handling the day to day CEO duties at Apple while Jobs tended to his medical issues. Though officially stepping down from the CEO role, Jobs will reportedly remain actively involved with the company via his new role as company chairman.

Interestingly, Jobs’ entire perspective on his resignation, the build-up to it and the resulting fall out will be included in Walter Isaacson’s upcoming biography on the man who has become synonymous with Apple.

Isaacson is a highly regarded author who began working with Jobs on his biography three years ago. Simply titled “Steve Jobs”, the highly anticipated Jobs biography is the result of over 40 interviews with Jobs and over 100 interviews with friends, colleagues, adversaries, and competitors of Jobs. Initially scheduled to be released in early March, the book’s publication date was recently pushed up to November 21.

Following Jobs’ resignation yesterday, Simon & Schuster confirmed that the book remains on schedule for a late November release and even told gearlive that the upcoming Jobs biography will include a chapter on the recent resignation from Jobs’ point of view. Specifically, Simon & Schuster spokeswoman Tracey Guest said that Isaacson still “speaks to Jobs regularly and is still working on the final chapter of the book.”

The book is bound to be a best-seller and provide a no-holds barred account of Jobs at his best and worst. Jobs will not have final say as to what information is included in the book and told Isaacson that no story is out of bounds and even encouraged “foes, former girlfriends, and colleagues he had once fired or infuriated” to speak candidly.

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