Sprint employees advised not to talk about the iPhone

Tue, Aug 30, 2011


By all accounts, the next-gen iPhone will be available on Sprint beginning in October when Apple is believed to be releasing the anticipated followup to the iPhone 4. Not only have trustworthy sources like the WSJ indicated as much over the past few weeks, but job listings from Apple coupled with reports that Apple is already testing the iPhone 5 on Sprint cell towers located on its campus all point towards America’s third largest carrier getting the iPhone in early October.

But as things tend to go, Apple not only likes to keep its upcoming plans secret but expects the same level of discretion from its partners. Of course, when possible, Apple even likes to keep its partners in the dark when it comes to upcoming announcements. Recall, AT&T executives themselves never even saw the original iPhone until Steve Jobs unveiled it to the masses in January 2007.

So with that in mind, it’s only natural that Sprint has reportedly instructed its employees to remain mum on the iPhone 5 issue if probed for answers. SprintFeed obtained an internal Sprint memo which advises employees “to avoid making any comment about the iPhone” when asked by customers, friends, or family members. Instead, employees are advised to either send curious minds over to Sprint.com’s newsroom area or to vaguely state, “Yes, i saw a few of those reports. I don’t have any information to share.”

The obvious takeaway here is that Sprint would only give its employees iPhone rumor protocol to abide by if, in fact, the iPhone’s arrival was imminent. Otherwise, why bother?

It’s sort of similar to Apple demanding Apple rumor sites remove photos purporting to show next-gen Apple devices and component parts. What better way to determine that said photos are accurate than to have Apple raise a fuss about them.

via SprintFeed



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