Does icon in Photo Stream beta give away iPhone 5 form factor?

Wed, Aug 31, 2011

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Did Apple just tip its hand regarding the form factor of the upcoming iPhone 5? Amid swirling rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen comes this screenshot taken from the latest Photo Stream beta Apple rolled out to iOS developers. Note that the icon above doesn’t resemble any current or past iteration of the iPhone and, whatdya know, has more in common with some of the purported iPhone 5 renderings we’ve seen floating around.

Not only does the icon above appear to include a larger screen, but the home button also seems to take on a more oval shape. This jibes with iPhone case schematics that surfaced just a few weeks ago.

And yes, it’s entirely plausible that this just a somewhat generic icon of a smartphone, but the similarities between the icon and some of the iPhone 5 renderings we’ve seen warrant a mention.

The image below, for instance, is an artists rendition of the iPhone 5 based on leaked case schematics purporting to show the dimensions on Apple’s latest iPhone refresh.

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