Renderings of two new iPhone models courtesy of the icon in the latest Photo Stream beta

Thu, Sep 1, 2011

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When Apple released the latest Photo Stream beta recently, developers found that one of the images used was an iPhone style icon that didn’t resemble any previous iterations of the iPhone. So naturally, folks began wondering if the icon was a representation of Apple’s upcoming iPhone or simply a rendering of a generic smartphone. While either alternative is equally plausible, Apple’s attention to detail lends credence to the former – especially since the icon in question is eerily similar to what the iPhone 5 is rumored to look like.

With that in mind, 9to5Mac extrapolated the dimensions of the icon to see what an actual sized representation  would really look like.

One obviously possibility is that this device is a larger-screened iPhone 5.  However, we’ve received word that of the two new iPhones coming out from Apple, this device might actually be the smaller, cheaper iPhone that is set for release at the same time.

This is interesting given that rumors of two new iPhone models have persisted for months. More recently, rumors have been pointing towards a low-cost iPhone 4 type device that Apple will release alongside a worldmode iPhone 5.

So all that said, if the icon in Photo Stream represents the allegedly smaller form factored iPhone, this is what it would look like according to 9to5Macs rendering.

And if the icon represents the alleged larger form factored iPhone, this is what you get – a device with a 4+ inch screen.



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