Nokia asks users to vote for Windows Phone 7 smartphone name

Sat, Sep 3, 2011


Last weekend, Nokia executive of developer marketing Chanse Arrington went on Twitter to ask for some crowd-sourcing help in naming the upcoming flagship Windows 7-based Nokia smartphone.

You might remember that Nokia, amid plummeting sales and profits, entered into an alliance with Microsoft this past February throwing its full support behind Windows Phone 7 and abandoning Symbian and MeeGoo in the process.

In any event, Arrington posts a link to a poll featuring over 20 different possibilities, including the Nokia Fusion, Nokia Skylight, Nokia Jedi, Nokia Atlantis and a whole lot more. There are also some clunkers on the list that Nokia will hopefully stay away from, like the Nokia Conduit and the Nokia Challenger. The first is flat out lame and the second not only invokes the tragic space shuttle disaster from 1986, but essentially cements Nokia and Microsoft’s role in the smartphone game as that of challengers playing catchup. And sure, that’s exactly what they are, but why draw attention to it?

Check out the poll and cast your vote over here. At the time of this writing, the most popular choices are the Nokia Phoenix, the Nokia Genesis, and the Nokia Metro. Personally, we think Nokia Metro and Genesis are smart choices.

Voters are also able to submit original names if they so choose. We can only hope that user-oriented voting will prevent a Nokia phone with a horrific name like the HTC ChaCha, the Microsoft Kin, and the HP iPAQ Glisten from hitting the market.



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