Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White of the UFC are iPhone kinda guys

Tue, Sep 6, 2011


Well it looks as if the UFC is going iPhone, folks. Okay, to be more specific, it seems that the top brass at UFC are Apple fans. And as an aside for any UFC fans out there, huge breaking news today as Brock Lesnar is now scheduled to face Strikeforce Heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem in a 5-round match on December 30. Overeem just signed an exclusive fight contract with the UFC.

In any event, pictured below is Lorenzo Fertitta, one of the owners of the UFC, at the UFC’s recent event in Rio, Brazil. The photo below was taken at an open workout session for fighters a few days before the actual event, and here we see Fertitta sporting an iPhone 4 with an emblazoned Cowboys logo on the back.

And below we see a tweet from UFC President and co-owner Dana White. And he’s apparently using the Twitter for iPhone app. I guess he made the transition over from Blackberry because he used to spend massive amounts of tweets (and he still does) from ringside and on the go via his trusty Blackberry.

Nice to see Lorenzo and Dana getting on board with the winning team! With respect to RIM, and to channel Bill Goldberg here, “It’s alllll over!”



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