Report points to Next-gen iPod Touch with 3G connectivity

Wed, Sep 7, 2011

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There’s been so much talk about the pending iPhone 5 release that we haven’t heard much of anything about Apple’s iPod line, which it traditionally updates every September.

So in a brief reprieve from iPhone news, AppleNApps cites an anonymous source and claims that Apple’s next-gen iPod Touch will come with 3G capabilities a’la the iPad.

[The] source for this report says that Apple is indeed working on a 3G iPod Touch. Apple is intent on announcing the device during their September event which they usually save for their iPod line, but will include the iPhone as well this year.

With respect to 3G connectivity, Apple has reportedly already inked deals with carriers for no-contract service contracts, much in the way it did for the iPad. “This took a considerable amount of work,” the report notes, “but the deals are in place, as the expected usage is about on par or less than the iPad with 3G.” Further, a claimed impetus for Apple’s decision to integrate 3G functionality into the iPod Touch is its upcoming iCloud service.

Design wise, the next-gen iPod Touch will reportedly sport a similar form factor to the current model. It’s worth pointing out that 3G equipped iPads cost $130 more than their Wi-Fi brethren, so it will be interesting to see how Apple prices its new 3G iPod Touch devices if that, in fact, is what it has in the pipeline.



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