Sprint blocks employee vacations from September 30 through October 15 on account of “major phone launch”

Sun, Sep 11, 2011

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It’s not like we need even more proof that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5 this October, but new reports keep on flying in on what seems like a daily basis.

The latest news comes courtesy of Sprintfeed which relays a photo which they claim is an internal memos sent out to employees detailing a company-wide vacation blackout from September 30th through October 15th on account of a major new phone launch.  Hmm, I wonder whatever could they be referring to.

Late last week, word surfaced that Sprint will not only carry the iPhone 5 come October, but will also offer iPhone users unlimited data in an attempt to steal some customers back from AT&T and Verizon. While AT&T and Verizon had previously used unlimited data plans for smartphones like the iPhone, network congestion ultimately forced both carriers to resort to tiered data plans instead.

With the alleged form factor of the iPhone 5 still up for debate, we’re still not even sure how many new iPhone models Apple is planning on introducing. Earlier this month, a report surfaced claiming that Apple will release a low cost iPhone 4 (perhaps the iPhone 4S?) alongside a worldmode iPhone 5. Meanwhile, some reports claim the iPhone 5 will look like the iPhone 4 while leaked case designs seem to point to an iPhone 5 with a larger form factor and a new teardrop design.

So amid all that hoopla, at least we can say with some certainty that a new iPhone model will be available in early October. We just hope that invitations for a special Apple media event start going out sooner rather than later.

via SprintFeed



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