Conan O’Brien pokes fun at missing iPhone 5 prototype [Video]

Mon, Sep 12, 2011


There’s apparently quite an Apple following over at the Conan O’brien show. Earlier this Summer, Conan and co. released a decently funny spoof mocking the backlash surrounding Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Now, the fine folks over at Conan are taking on the missing iPhone 5 prototype. If you recall, an Apple employee reportedly left it at a bar which resulted in Apple security personnel and SFPD joining forces in an attempt to locate and retrieve it.

Here, in the video below, we see a humorous spoof of an Apple-produced ad detailing what Apple plans on doing with whoever “stole” the missing prototype. You know, just casual stuff like videotaping flesh eating fire ants and streaming it down from iCloud.

Funny stuff, peep the video below.


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  1. sam Says:

    Not funny at all. Too bad. I was hoping that the Conan folks could do smart, not sophomoric, humor. Oh, well…

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