Alleged iPhone 5 screen protector shows bigger form factor, redesigned home button

Thu, Sep 15, 2011

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The bigger screen iPhone 5 is back, folks. Earlier this week, trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that the iPhone 5 will sport the same form factor as the iPhone 4 – despite the fact we’ve seen a bevy of iPhone 5 cases that all point to a device with a larger screen.

But just when we were resigning ourselves to the iPhone 4 design comes telling new evidence from which posts what it claims is an iPhone 5 screen protector.

Note that this is the first time we’ve seen a protector for the front of the iPhone 5, and note, obviously, the larger home button area – a design which aligns with many of the alleged iPhone 5 case schematics and moldings.

And here we see how the iPhone 4 lines up against the alleged iPhone 5 screen protector.

Now before you get taken away with dreams of a 4-inch iPhone screen, the report notes that these screen protectors might also be from the next-gen iPod Touch. While that’s certainly possible, Apple typically gives the iPhone the all-star treatment before the iPod Touch so we’re skeptical of that.

Apple is believed to be releasing two iPhone models this Fall – a lower cost iPhone 4 along with a worldmode iPhone 5. It still remains unclear, however, whether or not the iPhone 5 will look like the iPhone 4 or perhaps sport a completely new teardrop design.

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