When Steve Jobs and Apple put George Harrison on the Apple.com homepage

Thu, Sep 15, 2011

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In the wake of Steve Jobs’ resignation, there have been an overwhelming number of stories detailing fascinating encounters with Apple’s former CEO. One in particular that stood out to us comes from Mike Evangelist who worked at Apple from 2000-2002 as the director of product marketing for applications.

Evangelist recounts a story from 2001 where upon hearing of the passing of George Harrison, he fired off an email to Steve Jobs suggesting that Apple do something on the company homepage to pay tribute to Harrison. Evangelist was naturally hesitant to contact Jobs over a non-job related matter but thought that Jobs, as a fellow beatlemaniac, would understand.

The email read,


Hope this isn’t out of line, but as one Beatles fan to another, I wondered if it would be appropriate for Apple to put some small acknowledgement of George’s passing on the website (a flower or some other symbolic image?)

A few hours passed with no word back and Evangelist assumed that nothing would ever come of his suggestion. But later that same day, Evangelist was informed that Apple’s web design group was working overtime to put his idea into action.

Turns out that Steve did not think it was a stupid idea, as I feared, but instead had put the web team to work on coming up with something suitable.

So, late that night, after a couple rounds back and forth with Steve to choose the best photos, the Apple home page became this:

Lo and behold, this for a short time was Apple’s homepage.

“It was one of my proudest moments at Apple,” Evangelist recalls fondly, “to be part of a company that lets its heart guide its actions. I know now, more than ever, that the company is built that way because of Steve.”

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