White iPhone 4S shows up in AT&T’s internal system

Mon, Sep 19, 2011

News, Rumors

Engadget directs us to this screenshot that purports to be from AT&T’s internal system. Now usually that wouldn’t be so interesting, but note that one of the entries is of the “iPhone 4S White”.

There’s been some confusion as to how many iPhone models Apple will release this fall. The latest scuttlebutt is that Apple will release two models – a lower cost iPhone 4S and a worldmode iPhone 5. Late last week, a report claimed that the iPhone 4S model will be ‚Äúpriced aggressively and be everywhere.” On the flip-side, Apple’s iPhone 5, which will by all accounts sport a larger screen and a new teardrop form factor, has reportedly been experiencing design and production delays. Consequently, it may launch later than the iPhone 4.



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