Sprint call center operators scheduled for “special training” on October 14

Tue, Sep 27, 2011

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SprintFeed chimes in with a piece of news lending even more credence, not that any more is necessary, to the rumor that Sprint will finally be carrying the iPhone 5 this Fall.

“We’ve received word from various sources,” the report notes, “that some of Sprint’s call center’s corporate trainers and management are being scheduled for “special” training up until October 14th.”

These individuals are said to later train Sprint’s internal support lines, which provides assistance to the Now Network’s retail locations. Some of of these reports have flat out said that this closed circuit training is preparation for the release of Sprint’s variant of the iPhone. Others have said that the upcoming training has been scheduled, but its nature is unknown.

With Apple’s iPhone event now firmly established for the fourth of October, rumors that Apple will release its next-gen iPhone in mid-October are ringing more true than ever. Furthermore, a few weeks ago we noted that Sprint had reportedly blocked employee vacations from September 30th through October 15th due to a “major phone launch.”



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